Yorkie Facts 

On this page of Yorkie Info you will not find links but facts on yorkshire terriers.



 Yorkshire Terriers also known as yorkies are one of the most popular breeds.  They were named from where they first started Yorkshire, England. Back in the nineteenth century they were used to catch rats.  Later the yorkies became the pets of the European's high class.

 All yorkie babies are born black and tan (gold looking in color). They come in these colors only : gold and blue; blue and tan, black and gold, and black and tan. You will see some off colors here and there chocolate, multi-color etc. however if you go to www.akc.org you will see the colors listed. Some of these yorkies with "other colors" might not be a purebred or some kind of disformation. Also another way to tell if a purebred look at the mom's and dad's ears of your yorkie baby. Are they standing up? A purebred yorkie's ears will stand up if they are not standing up they are not purebred. A yorkie baby's ears flop for a while. Sometimes one ,sometimes both (this can also be due to stress) but by the time your yorkie reaches the age of 6 to 8 weeks old or sometimes not until 4 months old they will stand up.

 Another sale point that some breeders like to use are the words: teacup, tiny tea cup. These are names that are given to small yorkies when they are babies. No one can tell you for sure what the size the yorkie might weigh when they become an adult. You can try doubling the weight at 13 weeks of age or use the parents' weight as an idea but no guarantees.  Most of the time there is always a small little one in almost all litters. Some breeders give you this name so they can charge you more in price. Often they are sold too early and say they are teacups or minis. Yorkshire Terrier standard gives no preference for smaller yorkies with in the 7 pound weight size.

  So now you have to find a breeder. There are many types of breeders. High profile professionals they advertise. You have your hobby breeders. They only do it part time. They have less than 10 dogs and just a few litters a year. Then you have your back yard breeders who might have one or two litters a month. They breed the family pet just to make money and/or so their pet can have a baby. Then you have your puppy mills ( I hope comes to a stop soon) they sale to anyone. They have to many animals that they do not love or care for. They breed every breeding cycle. Abuse them any many ways. If you buy from one of these breeders or a pet store (cause this is where pet stores get them from) you are supporting this and also you puppy may not be in the best of health.

 Here is a breeder you need: someone who loves their animals. They answer questions! Good breeders will ask you some questions also. For example about if you have kids? Why a yorkie? Stuff like that. They keep their animals up to date on all shots. They offer / give you a health guarantee. They tell you to contact them and/or ask questions before taking any of your money. You have the right to see how they lived before they come home with you (you can ask to see the kennels) and they will be more than happy to show you. They do not use words such as tea kettle size or teacups to sale dogs (or other animals).  No one no mater what they try to sale you or tell you can not guarantee you a yorkie's weight and/ or size. If there is a contract involved (which I highly recommend for everyone's protection) they will let you read it before any money changes hands.  Also a good breeder has studied the breed. They have asked around and read for a while. Also I breeder will not let a young yorkie go before 10 weeks of age do to health of the young yorkie. A good breeder will give you phonenumbers, email, what ever to get a hold of them. Make sure you research any and all breeders as much as you can before getting any kind of animal from them.

 Now here are some health issues that affect yorkies that you need to write down and look up for your research. Leptospirosis, Hypoglycemia, Reverse Sneezing, Hemorrhagic Gastric Enteritis, Protein-losing Enteropathy, Liver Shunt, Bladder Stones, Parvovirus, Patella Luxation, Coccidiosis, Patent Ductas Arteriosus, Giardiasis, Campylobacteriosis, Collapsing Trachea, Cushing's Disease. Make sure you look these names up. Ask a vet even.

 Now lets say you have your yorkie baby and your on the way home with the fur ball. In the new home of your yorkie baby he will look for direction, comfort, and protection. He might not be ready to play as soon as you walk through the door. Give him space ( a space of his own) get to know him slowly. As soon as you walk throught the door show him and take him to his space. He will need a vet (make sure you do a vet check up with in 48 hours of bringing him home). Also keep up with all shots. He needs all his shots to be healthy. Also he will need a crate and /or kennel. They are small you do not wont to leave them wondering around while you are gone to  sleep. They can get hurt! They need puppy safe toys, tearless puppy shampoo and conditioner (give a bath once a week no more than that) hair brush ( a yorkie's hair should be brushed everyday) food and water, food and water bowls, harness, and leash. Also I would get a ID to leave on yorkie at all times with his name and your phone number and/or address. Also I would get a micro-chip.

 Never leave a new pet with a pet that has been with you already. The pet that had been with you might be harmless but you can never tell what will happen when someone new is here. Let them get to know one another. This goes for kids too. Tell them to the puppy they look huge. You must go easy and do not squeeze (they can break easy).

 When looking for a pet sitter, trainer, vet, and/ or groomer just as before ask around. Do your research. They will be taking care of your yorkie baby you wont someone to trust and has a good thing going already for them. If your live near your breeder as them who they use. If you trusted them enough to get your yorkie baby from them you should trust them on this too.

 Travel with your yorkie. Do not feed them before 3 hours of starting a trip. If going by car stop along the way and give him water and let him walk (always use leash and harness just becouse they stay with you on all walks aound the home does not mean they will everywhere else). Always make sure your yorkie has ID on him. Keep him in a crate while in vehicle (this is for safe for you and your pet). Never leave your yorkie in a car in warm weather. The temperature in the car rises fast. They can die from this. If going by air (I do not like it causes alot more stress on the yorkie). However there is times it may have to happen. Your will have to call airport for details. You will have to have a U.S Department of Agriculture approved crate. All vaccinations up to date (need this no mater if travel by car or plane). Follow all airline rules. Arrrive at air lines one hour early. Talk to your vet about stress relief for your yorkie. You can buy stuff at pet stores to help with stress also.

  Registration at kennels help to have proof of purebred. Some say that only AKC is the one to have. Not so true. CKC, UKC, and many others do have an all breed registry. Which means that you can register mix breeds. However in some cases breeders will not sale the AKC breeder rights but will sale the other kennels breeder rights (other words the parents of your yorkie baby is listed as both AKC, and another kennel. They will only register the litter pup with the other kennel or sale you both and it will be AKC and which ever the other is but not no breeding rights). In order for a purebred to be listed as a purebred you must have both parents that are purebreds (must have proof of this). Also there is blood test that can be done, pitures must be sent in, and other info is also done. Now there are cases where you will find some listed as a purebred ex. a yorkiepoo (yorkie and poodle mix) no its not a purebred but it will be listed this way cause both partents are purebreds abd listed at the kennnel registry. However if you have a yorkshire terrier (full blooded) all other kennels will register your yorkie baby as a purebred but you must have proof it is a full blooded yorkie. So ex. you get a CKC yorkshire terrier and it is listed as full blooded your breeders name is on the paper stating it is full blooded to you (it's a writen contract).  So if it states a yorkshire terrier purebred it's a purebred. If it states a yorkiepoo for example and listed as a purebred that means it's from two differant kinds of purebred dogs ( a purebred yorkie and a purebred poodle). I sure hope this makes sense to you.

 Now also the breeders will have the yorkies (dogs) registered more than one time. The more your yorkie is registered the more they are worth.  They are not cheap anyway. This just helps prove they are purebred. Which causes the price goes up.

 Yorkies are very loyal. They will love you as much as you love them. Our yorkies are part of our family. Just like our kids. We do everything with them. They are smart dogs. They are better watch dogs than some bigger dogs. They can hear like tou would not believe. The are very playful and I mean very playful. Our loves to snuggle and give kisses. To us there is no other dog but the yorkie.

 I hope you find the helpful. Enjoy your life, your family, and your yorkie! God Bless!

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