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Here at Yorkie Info you will find information on many different services here for yorkshire terriers (and other dogs/animals). So if you are looking to get a Yorkie; Yorkie Info is the place to be! Please feel free to look through the

Yorkie Info and check out webpages. Yorkie Info  only advertise for the site on Yorkie Info and are not anyway not liable

for any services on this site. That is between the custmer and

webpage; business owner of that paticular site. Again Yorkie Info is

not no way and anyway not liable.

If you have a service you would like to list on Yorkie Info please feel free

to let me know. I will check out the webpage first and look over web

for any bad reviews or find out or believe you to be a puppy mill or

a pet store (that sales pets) will not be passed for this advertisement site. If you do pass Yorkie Info charges  The listing(s) will include the name of your site with a link for a small fee. Or you can sign up for a FREE listing. It can include your name with address and/or phonenumber or you can choose just the link to your site (no name or any other information) If you choose this you can only have it under one heading so please tell me what you choose to be listed under and you will be under the regular and deluxe listings. You must have a link back to us somewhere on your site. We willcheck for this before adding you to ours. It can be somethingfor ex.  Yorkie Info : breeders, boarding /pet sitting and more! or you can use the dog bowl graphic on our home page just lift click & do save as: then add that to your site Make sure you put our name with the graphic Yorkie Info . Both was are fine just add the link under either one 

www.yorkieinfo.yolasite.com. Give Yorkie Info up to a week (most of the time it takes 24 hours or less). When Yorkie Info writes back that you have passed you then may use paypal to send the right fee. Please make sure you email Yorkie Info where to list you at : as a breeder or a groomer and so on. 

*Note all fees are non-refundable*                               

 If you have information on Yorkshire Terriers and have a web site you can have a link on Yorkie Info FREE of charge; we ask that you have a

link back to us. As stated above before adding your link Yorkie Info will check to make sure that you have linked back to us. Your site may include

health, traits, yorkshire terrier clubs, best ways to breed, etc. It is listed under Must Know Yorkie. 


Email Yorkie Info 

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